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Corgi Juniors Citroën Dyane (063)... ! Une miniature restaurée !

Une vidéo réalisée par Maple Leaf Matchbox Makeovers le 12 oct. 2020 : cliquez A voir...

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On the bench today is a 1:64 scale Corgi Juniors Citroen Dyane produced from 1973 to 1980. I believe it had a fold away cabrio top, which has been lovingly rubbed away on this one. I’ll make it black on this model. I’ll clean it up and paint it and do some detailing and a wheel swap, and it should look as good as new when it’s done. The Citroën 2CV (French: "deux chevaux-vapeur", literally "two steam horses”), is an air-cooled front-engine, front-wheel-drive economy car introduced at the 1948 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile. The 2CV has a combination of innovative engineering and utilitarian, straightforward metal bodywork—initially corrugated for added strength without added weight. The 2CV featured low cost, simplicity of overall maintenance, an easily serviced air-cooled engine, low fuel consumption, and an extremely long-travel suspension offering a soft ride and light off-road capability. Often called "an umbrella on wheels”, it featured a full-width, canvas, roll-back sunroof, which accommodated oversized loads and until 1955 reached almost to the car's rear bumper. Manufactured between 1948 and 1990, more than 3.8 million 2CV sedans were produced. Because of its popularity, the car spawned many variants. The motoring writer L. J. K. Setright described the 2CV as "the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car.” Both the design and the history of the 2CV mirror the Volkswagen Beetle in significant ways. Conceived in the 1930s, to make motorcars affordable to regular people for the first time in their countries, both went into large scale production in the late 1940s, featuring air-cooled boxer engines at the same end as their driven axle, omitting a length-wise drive shaft, riding on the exact same 2.40 metre wheelbase. Just like the Beetle, the 2CV became not only a million seller, but also one of the few cars in history to continue a full generation in production for over four decades. Enjoy this Citroen Dyane makeover. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell for regularly updated content. It’s free! Your respectful comments are always welcome and I promise to reply to each and every one of them. Be sure to tell me where you’re watching from. I’m a world traveller, so I’m interested to know. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Andrew Price Basel, Switzerland andrewprice04@gmail.com

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